G R A C E    P I N E D A - C A M A C H O


Grace is a Hong Kong-based artist and art educator.


Her passion for art,  love of color and texture, obsession with all things worn and weathered, and her zest for sharing everything artsy-fartsy with children continue to shape her artistic journey.

Signature work desk designed by copy

Grace's passion for art began in childhood and intensified when she studied painting as an adult.  Her adventure in art began in earnest when she moved to Hong Kong in 2001, leaving a marketing and sales career with Procter and Gamble and the American International Group and earning a  Certificate in Foundation Art and Design from Hong Kong University.


Grace paints expressively, foregoing detail in favor of color, texture and expressive representation.  She enjoys painting the unexpected character of old doors, the rawness and individuality in the human form, and the serenity of still life.  


For her, the creative process is an absorbing experience of form and color.  The buzz of creating a composition, the dilemma of simplifying and capturing what is essential.  The challenge of using color expressively, of juggling balance and movement, light and dark.  The cycle of applying paint, stepping back, going over it again to add something new without erasing everything old.  Of blending and scraping and creating texture.


Her creative energy has overflowed beyond her own art and given birth to Pitter Painter, painting classes for children (www.pitterpainterhk.com).   She has participated in solo and group exhibits in Hong Kong where she lives with her husband and two children.





*2019 July; Lakbay Sining; group exhibit; Philippine Center, 6th Ave., Manhattan, New York

*2018 21 May; AWA Art On The Line; charity art sale; The Annex, Nan Fung Place, Central, Hong Hong Kong

*2018 21-22 April; Heart Walk Sai Kung; group exhibit; H Studio Gallery, Sai Kung, Hong Kong

*2016 25 January - 2 February;  Artruism 3:  Affordable HeART; group exhibit; Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre

*2014 12 June - 6 July; The Best of Philippine Art; group exhibit; Marco Polo Prince Hotel, Tsim Sha Tsui

*2014 12 June - 6 July; The Best of Philippine Art; group exhibit; Marco Polo Prince Hotel, Tsim Sha Tsui

*2014 30 Apr - 3 May; Artruism 2; Group Exhibit; Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre

*2014 27 February - 3 March; Playing with Pigments; Group Exhibit; Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre

*2013 October - 2014 February; Threshold, solo exhibit; Doppio Zero; Sheung Wan, Hong Kong

*2012 October 3-4;  Artruism Group Exhibit; Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre

*2011 February 18;  Art for Isaac Art Auction; Studio 2, Hong Kong

*2010  December 2-4  ;  Cinnamon and Spice and All Things....  Group Exhibit;  Studio 2, Hong Kong

*2010 November 29- December 15;  Beyond Borders 2 Group Exhibit;  Hong Kong

* 2009 December  18-30;  Beyond Borders Group Exhibit Extension;  Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre

* 2009 November 30 - December 15;  Beyond Borders Group Exhibit;  Hong Kong

*2009 November 13-15;   Life Drawing Exhibit;   Studio 2, Hong Kong